Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eli's 1st Halloween

Well, Eli has officially celebrated his first Halloween. We celebrated our 5th annual Halloween party this week, in conjunction with my 30th birthday. Not thrilled about turning 30, but it was a great party! I enjoyed celebrating with all of my closest friends and family. :) My actual bday in on Wednesday, November 3rd. But, it just seemed like a natural pairing. So, Saturday night Eli spent the night with Gammie and had a blast! Then, this morning (Halloween) Keith and I woke up (feeling surprisingly well given the night's events). We did a brunch with Mary and her boyfriend Brad at Blue Mesa, and Eli did great. Although, there was an incident where Brad and Eli got into a staring contest. Brad ended up winning that game and hurt little Eli's feelings. After the intense stare down, Eli turned to Keith...hugged him and proceeded to start balling. He was so upset and teary eyed, it actually took a lot of work to get him calmed down. Poor thing. He did, however, enjoy munching on some tortillas and his outside table view of the pond and fountain. So, after lunch, naps and other afternoon activities it was time to partake in his first trick or treating experience.

We were invited to the Jones's house for some dinner and trick or treating. I just had to put on my costume as the 'Wicked Witch' for themed mommy/Eli pictures. So? What was Eli? .....a Flying Monkey! After a lot of deliberation on what his important first costume should be, we settled on the flying monkey. It was so precious when we saw it online, a completely original costume idea (didn't think we would be seeing a lot of them around the neighborhood this year), and we were able to coordinate mommy-daddy costumes too (Wicked Witch & the Scarecrow). My mom had to do some alterations to make his costume work, but it turned out great! The one hic-cup? Well, Eli HATES having stuff on his head! So, we were pretty certain that he would throw a fit when we put the monkey head on him. To our surprise...? He didn't mind it at all! After a few seconds of discomfort he forgot all about it. This was the major shocker of the evening.

So, after dinner, putting on our costumes, and a few quick pictures, the boys were off. We loaded them up in the radio flyer wagon, buckled them in, gave them their candy buckets, and hit the houses. The boys were great! They were having so much fun in the wagon playing with their buckets they had no reason to complain. As Eli started to collect candy, he would quickly take the pieces out of the bucket put them in his mouth and then drop them back in the bucket. He continued this for the entire 7 or 8 houses that we hit. Pick up a piece, put it in his mouth, drop it onto the sidewalk or back in the bucket...pick up another piece, put it in his mouth, ect..ect. Finally, tiredness set in, and we were done. Back at the Jones's we snapped some more family pictures and then called it a night.

All in all, we had a great time and were really impressed with Eli's impersonation of a flying monkey. Not to mention, the fact that he actually wore the head piece. Here are a bunch of pictures from the night!


Jemison Family said...

Love the new background! Super cute! Looks like you had a very great weekend. Glad the boys had fun trick or treating. :)

Anonymous said...

the stare down was hysterical, Brad felt really bad! We had so much fun at the party and celebrating your 30th a bit early. Enjoy the last few days of your 20s!! -MC

Leigh Gable said...

Thanks for the compliment on the background! :) Also, the boys had a great time (I think)...not exactly like they are going to remember anything, ha ha. If so, Eli may have protested his costume, lol.

Mary..the 'Brad incident' was hilarious..but I really felt horrible for Eli. I think he really did get his feelings hurt, poor thing. Guess that will be a 'daddy lesson' for Brad..ha ha!