Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh Boy!.... 9 months old

Ok...while I was out of town...what aliens abducted my tiny little baby and dropped off a full grown little boy? I admit that Eli has been making a lot of strides and achievements lately, all of which I have noticed. I think I might have even noticed him getting bigger. But, it takes a tiny trip out of town to really knock you in the face with the changes.

I was out of town in New Orleans for the last few days. 'Yes', it was a fun trip, but I missed my boys so badly! When I return home, there is a full grown... (ok, maybe I am exaggerating)...little boy sitting in my living room. When he saw me, he began to army crawl in my direction. Yes, I guess he is officially 'crawling' now...well, when he wants to, that is. I also saw a big-little boy that was towering over his toys, and walking around the couch and toys (while holding onto stuff). He also is sitting himself up now, as well. I have been watching these small milestones take place, but for them to all be so clear as day was crazy, not to mention...he is so big.

So, it is only appropriate that all of this happens on the day that Eli turns 9 months old! I think that I have finally come to realize that he is not far away from turning 1, at all. He is more than half way there...actually only 3 months away!... and I can only imagine him running around the house in no time. The last 9 months have certainly been a wild ride, and so much fun. It is amazing to think how quickly a child develops and changes in such a short amount of time. It has been amazing. I love you Eli!

Oh, and, one of his official favorite things to do right now (outside of standing and slowly walking) to turn pages. Ha ha, that's right, he loves to turn toy pages and book pages. So, here are some somewhat recent pictures and videos of our little 9 month old.

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Jemison Family said...

Oh my goodness! I love seeing him smile :). I can't believe in three months, he will be 1. I have the perfect birthday present I am going to get him too!