Monday, March 29, 2010

Smiles and new friends

Well, I just realized that Eli and I are overdue for a blog update. Thankfully, I don't have anything quite as big to report as our 'mommy baby bath'. But, we have certainly come across some milestones in the past week.

Eli and I have had quite a bit of bonding time in the last week, as Keith has been out of town. Yes, he has had two trips in the last three weeks. One of them for 3 days and the other for 5 days, and boy are those not fun! In spite of dad's absence, however, Eli and I have been having fun hanging out together. In the last week, we have made far more trips out of the house. We have also mastered one of the baby carriers that I purchased, and Eli appears to be a fan.

I also went ahead and threw in some cute pictures on the blog from one of his last bath times. Notice any tears? No, that is because he was great! That is not to say that all baths are 'tear free'...a lot has to do with the mood 'we' are in prior to hitting the water.

So, now on to the actual 'information and update'. Smiles! Yes! I am officially putting it down in 'the books' that Eli had his first smile on March 28th, 2010. I have heard, however, that it may be a little bit longer of anxious awaiting until we get another one. But, Keith was holding him in bed, when I walked in the room and Eli was smiling! Thankfully, both Keith and I saw it, so that was really cool! Although, the mystery remains...what was he smiling at? I can admit that he was looking in my general direction, but don't think we were 'locked in' or anything. To be honest, Eli loves looking around so his eyes always seem to be surveying the area. Keith and I are extremely excited to see a big smile on the little guys awake face. Up to this point all of our toothless grins have been in his sleep. :)

New friends or crazy mom? I think it is a little bit of both. As I just mentioned, Eli LOVES to look around. He scans the walls, the ceiling, the changing table, and accent home decorations. I would hate to say that he looks around more than he looks at us, but there is some truth in that. So, with such an interest in his surroundings, you can imagine the amount of 'tours' I have taken Eli on around the house. Also, if you have ever been to our house, you know there is plenty to see. Well, it just so happens that Eli has two favorite stops on the tour...his bathroom shower curtain, and any set of blinds. Every time I take him to the shower curtain in 'his' bathroom, it is like watching someone fall in love for the first time (or a fat kid with chocolate cake). It is so sweet, because he always forgets the last time, and falls in love with his shower curtain all over again. He stares, enamored by its beauty (more like it color and pattern combo). The shower curtain is a gold color with dark vertical stripes of green, oranges, and reds. Well, after enough visits to the shower curtain, you can imagine an introduction was in order. So, (this is where crazy mommy comes to play) Eli and 'Mr. Shower Curtain' have many great conversations. They generally talk about the weather and how things are going around the house. But, as 'roommates' they are excited about the future and their long term friendship. So, just wanted everyone to know Eli is getting out to socialize, while clearly side effects of being home all day are staring to take their toll on me. (ha ha, just kidding...I am loving being at home, and I have always been crazy).

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Mat-n-Amanda said...

I know what you mean about stripes and blinds. I used to put Tinsley in front of the bathroom window so I could sneak a shower. She is now into the striped picture you painted. It hangs just behind my head in the rocking chair. She can stare at that forever. I try to block it with my head so she'll go to sleep, but she is now strong enough to move her body to look around my head. We still put her in the swaddle blanket, so I look like I'm wrestling a baby seal!