Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All by myself (hum the melody). Day 1

This is probably the last thing that I should be doing right now...but frankly, I don't have a whole lot of other options. I have a baby strapped to my chest. :)

Today, is my first official day home by myself. Crazy, huh? I went nearly 3 weeks of constant Eli-mommy attention. Keith's job has been extremely flexible and just plain ironically-cool, that he has been at the house doing a lot of admin. On those days that he is out of in the field, my mom has been here. So, here I am on 'day 1'....nearly 3 weeks in. Also, let me just say...that I wasn't exactly sure it was even Wednesday, I had to look for the time stamp on my computer to confirm. Yes....time is a fog, now.

I have realized today just how little you can actually get accomplished being home with a baby by yourself. Granted, Eli and I are in a bit of a 'funk' right now with our eating habits (see below for more details). So, he is a lot more on edge and fussy. I can't put him down for long without him crying, or I am feeding him all day. So, I literally have a long to do list that is sitting and waiting to get 'to done'. Perhaps, tomorrow..... I have, however, really impressed myself with my 'wrapping skills'. I somehow did manage to get Eli strapped to by chest with my Moby Wrap. After he eat for awhile, he has passed out in my Obe-Won-Kanobi garb...just long enough for me to call my boss, receive a UPS shipment, and eat pre-made cheese crackers and a pear. I feel like a modern day pioneer woman!! ha ha, I am just being I realize just how helpless I have become to a 2 week old infant. :)

As for an update. We are great! Ok...that sounds like something not coming from a women that has a million things to do with out the ability to do it. Or a woman that has slept in a nursery rocker that last two nights and going on little sleep. But, we really are good. Eli is an awesome little guy, and I can not steal enough kisses from him. He gives us the craziest and funniest facial expressions that manage to always make me laugh and brighten my day. We are still trying to get his weight up (enter additional frustration), but we really couldn't be happier/better here.

Patience. I have some...who knew? I am an extremely impatient person, for those that don't know. I am the chick at the grocery store that scouts out the shortest line and 'races' Keith to see whose line moves quicker. However, despite my natural tendencies, I can't believe how tolerant and patient I am with Eli. Nothing really seems to bother me, when it comes to him. I don't care how loud he screams, how many diapers, outfits, and blankets he may pee on in a given changing time frame, or how little sleep we get...he just rocks my world.

As for our 'eating problem'. Nipple confusion is a very real thing. Eli was a trooper and eating great for the first few weeks. Well, in our effort to increase his weight we were starting to introduce a bottle of breast milk and/or formula to add in the extra calories. Well, in addition to this we also threw in a pacifier, as well (bad move). So, with a few days in of bottles and pacifier, poor little guy got his wires crossed with what was what. So, now we are still trying to continue and nurse, but not quite having the success that we started out with. So, with a few days of patience and determination....I am hoping to get us back 'in the groove', if possible. I will be sure to keep everyone update on our progress.

(One last update). I did have to say that as our day was coming to an end, we managed to get in a bath (item checked off the list)! Yes, I did it! I managed to give Eli a bath by myself. That is actually a very difficult task for those that don't know (or it is for me, anyway). To make matters a little more complicated, Eli has decided that he LOVES to poop during or after bath time. Yes, he has officially pooped in three of his towels. So, for all future baths, I will be bringing two towels to the festivities. That was all I really had to say about that, just wanted to keep everyone updated.

Well, that is actually it for now. Sorry there is no really exciting update with stories and pictures, and such. Hopefully, my next post will have a little more 'mass appeal' and fun. Wish us luck with nursing!

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Mat-n-Amanda said...

Good luck with the nursing thing. I know it can be frustrating. And even if you do have to resort to formula feeding, you know he got the most important part and has totally bonded with you because of it. Let me know if you have any questions or just want to vent. I would totally suggest using the lactation consultant at the hospital and your pediatrician as much as you can. I found their advice very useful.