Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Great Road Trip

So, as many of you know, Eli and mommy made their first road trip last week. Where was the great destination? San Antonio! I know, odd 'first trip' spot. However, it was an effort we made to spend more time with 'daddy', because he has been traveling SO MUCH! Seriously, he will have been out of town for 6 of my 12 weeks of maternity leave. Just recently, he is traveling for 4 out 5 weeks...frustrating! So, Eli and I decided to head down to San An where he was working.

The Trip Down:
Eli and I left the house around 11am, although that was later than I intended. The real finish line for us was not San Antonio, but Austin. No, we weren't staying in Austin. But, anyone that has ever traveled through Austin at, or around rush hour knows that you might as well spend the night. So, I was trying to get through Austin by 4, so I could make it into San An.
The trip was supposed to take 5 and half hours total. However, you have to add on all of the pit stops to feed the little man. So, lets just say 7 hours to be on the safe side. Well, go ahead and try 8 hours! Yes, a 5 and half hour trip
turned to 8...argh! We actually made it through Austin before traffic - Hallelujah!. However, it was an unexpected traffic jam in San Antonio and poor hotel layout that added on the extra hour. Seriously, I drove by the hotel two times before
every making it inside! One can imagine how annoying that might be with a screaming baby in the back and 8 hour trip on the road.
Overall, it was a good learning experience. I learned how much to appreciate silence! Where as most people would get frustrated with silence on a road trip, I welcomed it. I spent many hours of the trip listening quietly to road noise or the sounds of waves from my 'white noise' iphone ap. Also, I learned with a baby you spend as much time looking in the rear view mirror as you do the road. Crying or not, I would stare at him in my rear view mirror/baby mirror. Although, I admit that 'check in glances' doubled when he was sleeping. Every little bump we hit or outside sound turned into a grimace and glance to make sure he didn't wake up. There were times that I even avoided turning on my windshield wipers just to avoid a 'situation'.
Needless to say, we made it! Me and my little man are regular road warriors.

First lunch outing:
Believe it or not, Eli and I had never been out to a lunch 'outing'. With his short temper and my avoidance public breastfeeding, I had managed to avoid it. However, I made plans to meet up with a co-worker for lunch, so it was 'sink or swim time' for us.
Eli actually managed to throw a major fit in the Babies R' Us we had to run into, and cried up until our arrival at the restaurant. We arrived 30mins early where I fed him and popped him in the carrier. I also, spent the last 15mins before the lunch meeting walking him around the complex to see if he would fall asleep, which he did.
I had us seated by the door just in case of fussy spell, I could make a quick evacuation. He woke up at one point and began to cry, but a small amount of milk from a bottle seemed to satisfy him just enough. I never got to eat my actual lunch, because I spent it bouncing him in my carrier/lap. So, I got everything wrapped up to go and ate it in the parking lot after he proceeded to fall asleep in his car seat (miracle!).

The vacation part of the vacation and first public breastfeeding:
So, after a few days of hanging around San Antonio, we decided to head to the Riverwalk. We loaded Mr. Man up
into his carrier (picture above) and walked up and down the river. He got a lot of attention from all of the tourists who thought he was a cutie. Also, Keith and I finally decided on a restaurant among the 230 Mexican eateries down there.
We ordered some amazing margaritas, guacamole, and dinner. It felt like a real life date! Little man stayed passed out for quite awhile, when he decided to start fussing as our meals arrived. This is where the 'public breastfeeding' was about to come into play. I managed to get him positioned in his carrier and get my 'hooter hider' situated so we were 'in position'. Things were going well, and I was feel very confident.
I guess we exuded confidence because the mariachi band appeared and offered to serenade us. They saw little Eli and thought he was sleeping, so made a comment about 'not waking the sleeping baby'....then proceeded to walk 5 feet to our right and BLAST La-Bamba to the table next to us. Thank God for that 5 feet, because there was no way Eli heard any of it (extreme sarcasm). Ha ha...but, at least I can remember my first public breast feeding experience with the sweet music of the marichi band. Keith and I joked, that is going to be like 'Pavlov's Dogs'. As Eli grows up, every time he hears marichi music he will ask himself, 'why do I suddenly feel hungry?".
All and all, it was a good trip. Also, I'll have you know that
Eli and I made it back to Dallas in just 6 hours and 15 minutes! Woo hoo! We cut off nearly two hours from our trip because he did much better in the car. Oh, I included a picture from our trip home. I actually swaddled him in his car seat (not recommended), but that is what it took. But, after our two hour stretch I check in the back seat to discover that he has popped his little hand free from the confines of the swaddle blanket and car seat restraints. ha ha!

Overall, it was a great trip, one that we would even take again. In fact, maybe sooner than later. Keith is scheduled to go back down to San Antonio/Austin next week. So, me and Mr. Man may just tag along for another get-away. Of course, we will be sure to share all of our fantastic stories.

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Good story. Glad you all made it out alive!!