Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mentionable Moments

Gosh, there are so many wonderful moments that I want to remember and share, but don't always have a camera or journal on hand to photograph or jot down 'what is going on'. Of course, I have already mentioned a few...but here are a few more stories to add.

Keith playing dress up-

I guess you always imagine moms being the one that 'play dress up' with their babies, but dads enjoy it too. First, I have to give Keith a lot of credit for being a very fashion forward guy. I think he is a great dresser who takes pride in the way he looks. Well, he is using this same fashion sense and pride towards his son.

One morning after feeding Eli, I was having to pump (the glories for breastfeeding!). So, I asked Keith to go get our little guy dressed for the day. During my session, Keith showed up at the door with our handsome little man, who was dressed from head to toe!! Keith had put Eli in the cutest little baseball onesie that had a giant baseball on the butt. He also had him accessorised in a matching red beanie hat that said 'It's a guy thing', and matching red Boston Red Sox socks. I wish now that I had got a picture, because dad did an excellent job!

Our 1st day out-

Last week I had my first day to take Eli out into the 'real world' by myself. We had an appointment with the lactation consultant and the hospital (to get Eli's birth certificated and social security card changed). It was a great day, and couldn't have picked better weather! Here are a few things that happened during our trip.

The paranoid car ride:

Pretty much from the moment I got Eli in his car seat he started to cry (we haven't quite mastered the car seat, yet). So, it is not surprise that the crying continued out of the driveway, out of the neighborhood, and well into our trip. I tried classical music with no success and then jumped over to Kiss FM (which I listened to during pregnancy). Shortly after finding a song I liked, Eli went silent! I thought...."It worked! He is Happy!". Then, I thought..."oh, no...what if something is wrong". So, once I was able to safely change lanes, I immediately pulled over, threw on the caution lights, ran to the back seat....and there he was my little man, and everything was fine. So, I pulled a u-turn, hit the road, and about 30 seconds later the crying commenced. I decided at that point, I preferred it over the silence so that I knew everything was alright. :)

'Acting like a mom':

I didn't realize this happened until I was talking to a friend the other day. She asked if I had had any 'moments' that stood out about being a mom. I realized that I still haven't fully accepted the title 'mommy', because I am just doing what it takes and loving my little boy.

So, there was a moment during 'my first outing' that I felt like I was faking being a mom. I had to walk into the hospital for some records. I got the stroller out of the car, walked in, ect, ect. So, as I walked in I saw the various lobbies filled with people (some awaiting the arrival of their little bundles). As I walked by all of the people, I had to think to myself... "man, to them..I look like a real mom! I have my stroller, and I bet they think I know what I am doing". I guess I felt like I was putting on a performance for them...and trying to play the part. It did feel good, though...because I know I was REALLY doing it, despite that I didn't realize it.

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