Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mommy-Baby Bath Time...Abort, Abort!

There are actually a few things that babies are known to love, that Eli has not quite adapted to yet. One of those is the car and the other is the bath. As for the car, we haven't exactly been on a bunch of trips, so hopefully that will change in time. Also, I don't believe it is the car as much as it is the car seat. The car seat, as well as the bouncer and swing are not places that Eli likes to hang out, because it is not his mommy's arms. In general, he is not a fan of 'being put down', just yet.

As for the bath, ...not a fan at all. He doesn't like the water, the shampoo, ect. ect. He frequently cries through the whole process, as well as a pee session and poop or two. I mentioned this to the lactation consultant and she gave me the great idea to take a bath with him. She said we could both casually hang out in the tub, while I nurse him, and even throw in a glass of wine! Sounds picturesque, huh? Almost dreamy and such a great 'mother/son bonding moment'. :)

Well, here is how it actually went down. And, 'no', I didn't pour myself a glass of wine, however I could see how one might be necessary for the post-bath experience. I started off with running some luke warm water and getting his bath stuff set-up next to the tub. Let me also say, that a temperature of water suitable for a baby is not exactly comfortable for an adult. Also, I just filled the tub with a minimal amount of water, just to be on the safe side. We got cozy, and I began nursing him. Then, I started wiping down in his little body with the wash cloth...and he was great! No crying, nothing. He almost appeared to be very relaxed through the process. So relaxed, in fact that he let go....yes, he let go of that poop he had been holding in!
(side note: This poop, was not ordinary poop, which is usually a mustardy yellow. This poop was spinach green! This is because Keith and I gave Eli Colic Calm last night in order to calm him down during nursing...long story. Well, Colic Calm is as black as midnight! It is so black that it turned Eli's mouth and lips black as he was taking it. The bottle warned that there may be a change in stool color....I'll say!)

So, Eli, myself, and the bathtub are now covered in little chunks of spinach green poop. I stay calm...although slightly nauseated. I am not scared of poop, but this poop was scary. There were little chunks floating around us of green and black. I quickly pulled the drain plug and began wiping us down. The chunks went down the drain just fine, and the tub was poop-clear. So, I begin running another round of water, when a minute in, Eli lets himself go, again. This time the spinach green poop in not floating, but sitting in a pile in the center of the tub. I realize that hopes of mommy-baby bath time...and our dreamy picture has gone out the window.
So, there we sit, both soaking wet in a tub with a pile of spinach poop. That is when I was concerned about the safety of Eli, because I had to keep holding on to him, while trying to climb out of the tub, and avoid this poop-pile (I am starting to ask myself, "why did I do this while we were home alone? Clearly I should have asked for a 'spotter' or adult supervision"). Needless to say, we did it...with some difficulty. I quickly got a diaper on Eli, a robe on me...and made an emergency call to Gammie (my mom). She came to the rescue to help bath him, while I jumped in the shower. Now, here we sit...both clean. You will also be happy to know, that Eli did not cry once during our 'mommy-baby bath', and only made a squeak with Gammie's bath when he was getting his hair washed. Perhaps we are turning a corner!?


KRiSTiN said...

LOL. OMG. That is so funny!! He'll love that story when he's 14. :D

Terra said...

Well, there you have it. The reason why God made babies and puppies so cute. Because only a mother could love you after that episode! Welcome to motherhood!!

Mat-n-Amanda said...

hahahahahahaha. that story made my day. i'm still laughing!