Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reflection of pregnancy

Well, I guess this is as good of time as any to 'reflect' on the last 33 weeks of pregnancy. I am pretty stinkin' sure that after Eli gets here there will be very little time to do anything, let alone 'reflect'. Not to mention, I also predict the next 7 weeks are going to continue to become more uncomfortable and I will have my 'eye on the prize'.

To think in terms of 'weeks', it is 33 weeks of pregnancy means very little. But, what is crazy is to realize that I got my positive pregnancy test back in June! So, that means since June, I have been pregnant! Crazy, huh!?! June...that feels like light years away. However, it doesn't feel like it was that long ago. So, that means that I have carried Eli through the summer, through the 4th of July, through a rainy October, a spooky Halloween, my 29th birthday, a great trip to San Fran, a sad Thanksgiving, 3 rounds of Texas snow, a wonderful Christmas, and great New Year! Watch out 2010, here we come.

I mean, it makes since for so many holidays, milestones, and events to have passed, considering 9 months is technically 75% of a given year. It is just funny, because on the one hand 9 months feels like forever. However, when you consider the few times someone is actually pregnant in their life, and what an impact that small time frame makes on your entire seems like a pebble in the ocean. To think, Keith and I will no longer be 'Keith and Leigh' a few short weeks, we will always be known as Keith, Leigh, and Eli. I will be a mother and have a son, and the rest of my life with revolve around that fact.

So, in a nutshell, how has it been? Really wonderful!! I don't think I could have been more fortunate to have such a wonderful pregnancy, so far. I guess I can break it down by trimesters.

First Trimester: When I think back to this time, I just remember how slow and lagging it felt. I was so thankful to not experience any morning sickness, but I remember constantly worrying about hitting the '12 week' mark. I was so worried about the health of Eli and the pregnancy (although, the worry has never gone away). I did a lot of traveling during this time period, as well, and was forced to be sneaky around friends and coworkers, as to not let out my 'little secret'. The idea of 'being a mom' had in no way sunk into my head yet, and pregnancy was more a 'state of mind' than it was a 'way of life'. I do also remember a few food cravings and aversions, but nothing too crazy. I recall mostly craving orange juice and fruit...or anything that I saw on TV. I also dreaded ribs for some bizarre reason, and pretty much hated the idea of eating anything that was in our house (don't ask me). I think my 'ice cream man hunt' also took place during this time, and that was by far the funniest/craziest food story I will take away from this pregnancy.

Second Trimester: This time was filled with anxiousness and excitement. I couldn't wait to start 'showing', I couldn't wait to get a confirmation on Eli's sex, I couldn't wait to feel him kick.....I couldn't wait on a lot of things. This was the time, when pregnancy got so much more 'real' and exciting! Gosh, so much happened during the 2nd trimester. Of course, we found out Eli was a boy, I felt him kicking and moving, and we started to get his nursery ready. This is where I have to admit that I had my first (and only, so far) emotional breakdown. When Keith and I were moving the guest bedroom around to make way for the nursery, the reality hit like a ton of bricks. The funniest thing is that I didn't feel feelings of being scared, I was sad. That was the night that I came to terms with 'our little family' changing to make room for Eli. I cried for a few hours as I adjusted to the change, felt sorry for the dogs not being the center of our world, and got ready for Eli to come to the 'G' house. My emotional outburst passed quickly, and my sadness quickly turned to excitement. I knew that Eli was about to be the best thing that had ever happened to our lives, and he would be coming into the greatest family, with the most loving big brother Winston, and big sisters Dottie and Lucy. And on the flip side, our four legged friends would be very excited to add another member to their pack.

Third Trimester: This has also been an anxious time, but more anxious about Eli finally being here! Like I said in a previous post, I have had 'baby brain' for the last several weeks. I am obsessed with anything 'baby', and can't wait for the little guy to be here. In this stage of the game, I have been a lot more prepared for motherhood, and the idea of having a baby is so much more 'obvious' than it was in the first two trimesters. This has probably been the most fun time for me, because it is when I officially started showing my 'baby bump', Eli kicks and moves like crazy, Keith and I did all of our birthing/baby classes, and the waiting is a lot shorter until the end. I still catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and think 'Holy hell...where did that belly come from....oh yeah, I'm pregnant'...wait 'I'm pregnant!"...but it is so exciting. I have spent hours and hours in Eli's room arranging clothes, moving around play toys, and organizing shelves. Also, we are onto our bi-weekly appointments at the doctors office, and everything is measuring well. I have also been able to use this time to get mentally prepared for the 'labor and birth' process. I am surprisingly excited and somewhat prepared for the experience. Oh, I guess that I must add, that the 3rd trimester has been the most uncomfortable time for me, so far. It is certainly more difficult for me to move around and get out of bed. Also, my 'middle of the night bathroom breaks' have gone up to about 3-4 trips to the restroom, which is a record so far. And, of course, I can't forgot to mention my back pain and braxton hicks contractions. So, needless to say the 3rd trimester has had a few negatives, as well. we 'wait'. Seriously, there are only 7 weeks left (if he comes on time). I can't wait to meet him, and have to remind myself that I will not comprehend 'what we are in for', until he gets here. :)

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