Monday, December 28, 2009

The Holidays

Well, our white Christmas has come and gone. However, if you came to Laughing Waters Trail you could still find patches of ice in our driveway and snow in our grass. Yes, we live in the we have had the pleasure of enjoying our winter festivities for a few extra days. Although, the 'word on the street' is that we are going to get another round of snow tomorrow. No worries, though...Keith and I are both off this week, with no where to go. Additionally, we have MORE than enough cleaning to do around the house. Christmas decorations to be put up, laundry to be done, and Christmas presents/stocking stuffers to enjoy for the second time before they find a home around the house.

Our holidays were really wonderful. Of course, they were not quite the same without Debbie, but we were thankful for her gift of snow. Seriously, though...I have lived in Texas for 29 years, and never had a White Christmas. Ironically, it was Wednesday afternoon and Keith and I were driving around McKinney from a doggie play day, where we were enjoying the 75 DEGREE weather and slushies at Sonic. I commented to Keith how every Xmas I would wake up and look out the window in hopes of seeing snow, and never did. Well, it happened! It was a magical night and morning, and I didn't take a moment of it for granted. Also, Keith and I took a ton of pictures, and will be sure to show Eli pictures of his 'first white Christmas'...kind of. I did take a moment to recognize how cool it is for all of the babies that have been born to our close friends this year that were celebrating their first snowy Xmas.

Eli did have a great Christmas! He got outfits, toys, books, and tons of great things. It was so wonderful to have an extra reason to celebrate. And, Eli has such a wonderful and loving family that really cares for him! Eli got precious and thoughtful gifts from his future grandparents, aunts, and uncles. In addition to his awesome and wonderful family, his 'mom' continues to be on the 'crazy side'. Yes, I have to admit that I couldn't resist to take a ton of photos 'with Eli'. I attached the ridiculous ones to this post,for you to understand what I mean. And, 'yes' it was nearly impossible to keep a straight face during these. They include: 'the starring at my belly' shot, 'sexy belly grab shot', and 'Eli is your Christmas present' shot. I do actually think that Keith and I are going to take some professional maternity photos before the big day. So, you might actually see me eating my words later on, as I reenact the poses for real.

32 Week Appointment update: Keith and I had an appointment this morning. So, instead posting a whole new blog post, I thought I could just 'add on'. Everything with Eli seems to be going great. So, we are pretty excited, and just trying to stay optimistic that everything will stay that way.

Total weight gain: 22lbs
Belly measuring: 32 weeks (32 cm)
Position: Head down
Arrival time: no clue (just as likely he could come early or late) I guess we will see if we have a February or March baby.

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KRiSTiN said...

Lol, sexy belly shot is my favorite! Too funny!