Tuesday, January 26, 2010

4 weeks to go!

Well, I had my first official 'one week appointment' today. That is correct, I will now see my midwife every week until 'd-day'. You know...now that I think about it, I don't know if everyone is familiar with what exactly a 'midwife' is, but I have certainly had a great deal of people ask me about her or have 'midwife related' questions.

My midwife is part of a formal OBGYN office called Craig Ranch. She is on staff among 4 OB's their. Basically, a midwife can do everything that an OB does, except perform C-sections. Therefore, if I need a c-section delivery, one of the OB's will perform that. Otherwise, all of my appointments and attention have been similar. Where a midwife is more beneficial than an OB is that she gives us more time an attention during our appointments. Additionally, she will be in the delivery room once I am 5cm dilated, whereas an OB doesn't typically show up until you are ready to push at 10cm. Midwives, also, traditionally like to avoid to much 'medical intervention' as possible (c-sections, fetal monitoring, episiotomy, ect..) Oh, also...if I had used the 'OB's' at my office, I wouldn't have been certain of who was performing the delivery (on call style), while my midwife does all her patients deliveries.

So....you are wanting to hear the details? Today my belly measured exactly '36 weeks, I have gained 25 lbs, and my blood pressure is normal. My midwife said that I am having a very great, healthy, and 'textbook' pregnancy. AL-SO.....I am 70% effaced and 1/2 a cm dilated. So, I suppose I am starting to make progress in that department, but Eli isn't exactly going to be showing up tonight.

Speaking of Eli.....is a 'mover and a shaker'! Man oh man...he is still as active as ever! This little guy is using up all of the floor plan in my belly that he can. He moves, kicks, punches, and flips daily (makes my belly looking like a Jell-O mold). Due to his overactive hic-cup schedule, I can always identify where his abdomen is inside my belly. And, nearly ever single hic-cup session is experienced in a different location. Therefore, I can tell that he continues to flip from side to side inside me. My midwife did say that he is still head down...but clearly not 'engaged'.

So, when is Eli going to make his big debut? Know one really knows...not even a guess. On one hand I get the impression that he is going to come on his due date just to try to stay as 'text book' as possible. However, he is having so much fun moving around, that when he runs out of space he might just be ready to 'get the heck out'! Although...I can tell you this. When he finally does enter our great big wide world he might finally be able to get a nights rest. I swear he will be thinking "finally, some peace and quiet". Poor little guy has been having to battle with my VERY active stomach! I can hear my stomach growling and making noises very clearly from the outside, I can only imagine that it sounds like an Ozzie Osborn concert inside the womb. I just can't imagine anything phasing him 'noise wise' when he finally arrives...if he can still hear, that is.

The birth plan: This really could be its own post, and I am sure it will get more attention later on. But, I will say one tid bit before I go. My 'birth plan' is pretty simple....and at this point 'anything goes'. I am currently telling myself that I would like to a least try a 'medication free' labor, however I am not married to that idea one bit. By all means, if I am in extreme pain....then I am going to get an epidural! Basically, I am just going to play it by ear. Also, if I have to have a c-section (for whatever medical necessary reason)...then 'so be it'. Again, I am not married to any one notion of how Eli needs to enter this world. I have been told that you can not have expectations with labor, and to be open to anything. Additionally, if you are dedicated to one idea then you are setting yourself up for possible dissapointment. So, I say these things for one reason....as you all hear how Eli makes his debut, be happy and pleased with whatever happens. Stay positive, that is what I will be doing. Labor is good....epidurals are good....and c-sections are good, but Eli making it into this world safely is GREAT! :)

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KRiSTiN said...

it's so smart to keep an open mind. labor is... crazy. having too many expectations just sets you up for disappointment.

you're in the home stretch!!