Friday, September 11, 2009


Well, it's official, Baby G is in fact a Baby B....boy, that is! :)  

Keith and I were preparing for what we expected to be two normal (and uneventful) appointments yesterday. Howeve
r, I started to call around to my offices to see what the appointments included, as I had growing concern about the 
fibroid I was told that exists on my uterus.  I was seeing if we were planning to monitor it or look into it further.  Come to find out the office that did the NT Scan 4 weeks ago, had us down for an ultrasound to 'check it out'.

So, our first appointment was with the midwife.  We got to hear the heartbeat, ask a ton of questions, and measured my stomach (really just made sure the 
uterus was where it was supposed to was).  After one successful appointment, we anxiously waited for our ultrasound at 2:30.....

We got to the office, had some blood drawn, and were escorted to the back room.  We were told that 'Valerie' would be in shortly.  When Valerie got there, she was a rock star!  She immediately got to work and showed us Baby G.  She ask
ed us ahead of time if we wanted to find out the sex, and we told her yes.  (Yes, we know that it was 
originally suppose to come in the form of a surprise party.  But, our nerves and excitement got the best of us, and we ditched that idea.  Not to mention, we really wanted to see the 'evidence' for ourselves'.)

There was Baby G!  Bigger than last time, and
 perfect! :)  Valerie started 
snapping pictures right away, arms, legs, profile, and 'the money shot'.  There was no denying it... Baby G, was in fact a boy.  He had no problem showing off the goods.  He was very uncooperative with Valerie, though.  He was moving a lot, had the hic-cups (again), turning over, and doing a lot of crazy stuff.  Keith looked at me at one point and said, "you don't feel that"?  I laughed, and said, "no".  Valerie did explain that based on where the placenta is located (in the front of my abdomen), it was actually acting like a it might take me a bit longer to feel stuff.  However, ther
e was a point that he wailed out and threw a bunch.  It looked like one of those 'sock it bop ems'...or better yet, the old time fights from the old 'picture shows' with no sound.  Baby G, just straight arm punched me.  I was pretty positive that I certainly felt that!  I think seeing it on the monitor helped 
put the sensation into perspective fo
r me.  So, after that I could swear I felt other little hits throughout the day.  I can only describe them as a pin ball machine, or better rain drops.  Just random little 'pings' all around my stomach, with no rhyme or reason.  They hap
pen so quickly that I have to think twice about if I actually felt anything.  ha ha...I'm getting a kick out if.  But, I am yet to report the big 'first kick' post...or I guess in his case 'first punch'. 

So, Valerie's job came to an end, and she left us with a handful of photos!  Seriously, she was a rock star.  Then, the doctor sat down, and s
tarted doing a very thorough examination.  He checked EVERYTHING out (brain, spine, face, heart, ect..ect).  Baby G got a clean bill of health, so we are very excited!

Now that we had all of this amazing information, how were we going to share it with the world?!?  Well, first off, it appears that we pissed off a lot of people with our decision.  I guess it wasn't a good idea to tell everyone we knew, but weren't telling them.  We were just trying to buy time to come up with some creative.  

At the end of the day, I didn't give myself enough time to do anything over the top, so I fell back on the 'cake re
veal'.  It was still cute and fun, though.  Around 4:45 I decided to do the cake, so quickly baked it...dyed it blue, and let it cool.  Then around 6:00 I was quickly throwing icing on it, and trying my hardest to cover up every stinking' little blue crumb that I could find.  I was meticulously checking for any blue specks that I left on the counter, in the sink, ect...  

Due to the last minute nature of our 'reveal', we weren't able to have everyone over that we would have liked for the 'cake cutting', but it still became a fun event.  Also,  it became more interactive in the facebook world, than I would have imagined.  With the simple white cake on display for everyone to see, I think it was driving people crazy.  Finally, we cut, and our secret was out.....'it's a boy!"

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