Monday, September 7, 2009

Baby Bargains

Praise the Lord! I read on my pregnancy forums that there is a miracle book on the market called 'Baby Bargains'. This book combines consumer reports, consumer feedback, and cost saving measures to make recommendations.

I have owned this book for only a few days now, and I feel 10 x's more knowledgeable and prepared than I was. Don't worry...I still have a long way to go. I also bought the 'Baby 411 - For your baby's first year' book, as well...which got equally awesome ratings on

From Baby Bargains..
'The Four Truths That No One Tells You About Buying Baby Stuff for Baby'

1) Babies don't care if they're wearing designer clothes or sleeping on designer sheets.
2) Your baby's safety is much more important than your convenience.
3) Murphy's Law of baby toys says your baby's happiness with a toy is inversely related to the toy's price.
4) It's going to cost more than you think....first year of a baby's life --> $7,040!!!

"7 Commandments of Baby Bargains"

1) Safety is job one.
2) Focus on the basics.
3) Weed out the fluff.
4) Two words. Free money.
5) More freebies.
6) Shop at stores that do NOT have 'baby' in their name.
7) Online shipping savvy.

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