Sunday, April 24, 2011


Well, this was Eli's 2nd Easter....and well, slightly more eventful than last year. Gosh, I don't totally know what we did last year, but I know that he was only a month or two probably, not a whole lot. This year!? We had a great time! I was so excited to watch Eli enjoy his Easter basket and do an Easter egg hunt.

The Easter bunny came to our house and left Eli a basket with books and eggs. Eli also got a 'sports activity center' with a slide, which he loves to climb on. Not so much into the act of 'sliding', but loves to climb to the top. He also got a bouncy ball and pillow pet, as well. After the basket festivities we headed to my mom's for an Easter egg hunt and some lunch.

Eli did great! He knew exactly what to do with his eggs and basket. I kind of guessed that he would be a natural at Easter. See, he LOVES to put things into stuff and take stuff out. For instance, he will deconstruct his entire diaper bag and put it all back in. Or, he will go into the pantry and take every can out of a 12pk of soda and put them back in. So, when I was thinking about my little man with eggs and a basket...DONE! It was really cute to watch him walk around and 'do his thing'. So, here are the pictures!

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