Saturday, April 16, 2011

Eli's First Haircut and new BFF!

(Quick note: This is one of two blog updates, so be sure to check out the other one below with pictures!)

Well, we finally did it! We got Eli a hair cut! Man oh man...was I/were we on the fence about it. He looked so so cute with his shaggy little mop hair, but we moved forward. I noticed in last nights bath that the back was getting a little long and kind of girlie. So, we decided to go in for a trim. We actually just picked a spot close to the house that specializes in kids. The shop and hair dresser were so-so. You could tell that Eli was not a fan and pretty uncomfortable. He got pretty fussy towards the end and it helped when I put him in my lap to finish the cut. I feel like the whole thing was over and done with in a matter of minutes. I suppose they learn how to cut quick, considering the kid's tempers. But, Eli did really well, and we let him have a reward at the end. Yes...yes, we let him have a little cherry dum-dum sucker, which he absolutley loved! I will also admit, at first, I had MAJOR hair cut remorse! The minute my lil' man didn't look like himself I wanted to cry! I hated that it was all chopped off and would be awhile before it came back. I hated that Eli didn't look like 'Eli' .... :(. However, after a few hours and some styling tricks by Keith I am pretty sold!

So, before moving straight to the photos, I just have to share a few other tidbits. First, is that Eli learned to blow kisses today! :) So cute! Keith taught him while I was rummaging around a store for some clothes...hehe.

Second, is a cute story from the grocery store tonight. The three of us made a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home from dinner. As we were at the register checking out a young grocery bagger asked me a few questions about Eli. About that time Eli walked over to him with his arms outstretched to be picked up. The young man picked up Eli with a look of surprise on his face. We insisted that our child doesn't always ask to be picked up by strangers and he was 'special'. You could tell the guy was shocked and flattered at the same time. It is store policy that the baggers take the groceries to the car, so Keith insisted on pushing the cart while the young kid carried Eli. Yes...we walked all the way to the car with Keith and the cart and the young high school aged bagger-boy carrying Eli. LOL! Eli was loving it! The kid was somewhat awkward and I was laughing hysterically. Finally, we arrived at the car and I tried to grab Eli to put him in. He began to fuss so I gave the two new BFF's a few more minutes together. Finally, after a bit of a fit, Eli went unwillingly back into my arms. That, of course, was not after Eli reached back out to get one final hug goodbye. It was such a cute and sweet moment. I never got the kids name, but certainly called the store and put in a good word for him with the manager on duty! Only regret...? I didn't snap any pictures of it. :( back to the haircut! :)
Eli, before the haircut.
The shaggy cute!!
'What is going on? What is this thing they put on me? I feel violated!'
'Um, ok...why are we doing this again?! I am not happy!'
Finally calm once he got in my lap to finish off the cut. Um, yeah...shoulda tried this in the beginning. Looking dapper, though...huh?
Yes, because Eli was so great for his first hair cut, he got a sucker like all of the other kids. And he LOVED it. Ok, so he might have put the wrong end in his mouth a few times and got sugary gooeyness all over the car, but 'hey'!
Here is Eli studying his new favorite thing....a cherry sucker!
And here is the finished product, after some post 'dad styling techniques'. I must say, I am a much bigger fan!

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Mat-n-Amanda said...

Love the little man's haircut! Cute little blondie!