Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yikes, I am slackin'...many updates and pictures!

Ok, I have been slackin' in a major way...two whole weeks have past since my last update!?! So, while I am not really a fan of two updates around the same time, I have to do it. There are just way too many cute pictures of Eli to go unnoticed. Not to mention, Eli got his first haircut today! So, that will be in the second update....that is too important to wait.

So, with out much ado, I will move onto the pictures. There is so much to be said about them, so be sure to read the captions so you know what is going on. :)

Yes, I taught Eli to stick his tongue out...'way to go mom'. It is so cute! It is kind of an inside joke between us.
Isn't he so cute with his little tongue sticking out!?! You can tell he is fully committed here.
Here is Eli joining Keith and I on a 5K walk. This was his first big walk to complete, and he did it with style.
What would a victory be without a picture at the finish line!?
Eli expressed such an enthusiasm for walking after the 5K we kept it going.
That is one excited kid! He loves to go on walks....ok, and look at puppy dogs too (considering I am pretty sure that is what he was looking at during this picture).

Here is one of Eli's FAVORITE things to do now. He LOVES feeding himself with a spoon. And well, he also loves chocolate yogurt. He pretty much insists on putting every bite of food into his own mouth, not crazy about being spoon fed by someone else. He also loves to go through the act of putting food on the spoon, even if he never actually gets anything into his mouth.
Here is what you get when he 'did it himself'. Yes, he pulled the suction cup bowl off the table and went crazy!!!

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