Saturday, September 3, 2011

Holy...whoa, is this a blog update...?!?

Is this an actual updated blog post!?! I know, I am beside myself. Well....... that is all I got, nothing has happened since Easter.

Umm, ok...not in the slightest! Eli is doing so awesome! And, no, one needs to worry, because he is just as cute and lovable as he was a few months ago. I hate to say that I am going to keep this brief, but I almost feel like there has been so much going on, I don't know where to begin.

Updates you are interested in? Eli LOVES to dance! In fact, he is dancing right now! Any song that comes on (TV shows, radio, in a store, ect...) Eli shakes his groove thing. He loves to bounce up and down, clap his hands, and spin in circles. What else does Eli love? The IPad....Eli crack, otherwise called. Not only does he love to play with his favorite games and books on the ipad, and knows how to close out and open the applications as well. It has gotten so bad, that if he is playing a game, and he comes to a puzzle that he can not solve...he knows to push the 'home' button to close out.

Milestones? He has mastered walking, running, dancing, and climbing. Oh yes, Eli climbs on EVERYTHING. Talking? Nope, not yet. That is a big question that I get a lot, but, he is not doing a whole lot of it. That does not stop him from communicating. Eli points, uses about 10 different signs in sign language, and says a some words. In addition to that, he loves doing impressions....he two favorite are 'cat' and 'clock'. But, he also knows 'snake', 'elephant', 'seal', 'duck', 'tiger', 'train', ect. Knowing Keith and I, I don't doubt that once the flood gate of words open for Eli...there will be no stopping him.

Updates for Keith and I? Keith is still rockin' and rolling at Travelers and I started a new job. After 5 1/2 years with Samuel Adams, I left for a role in marketing at RaceTrac Petroleum. I am truly having a blast with my new role, and feel like this is what I am supposed to be doing.

So, here is some of the 'highlight Eli shots' from the last several months.

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The Pfeiffers said...

Welcome back! We just got an iPad, will you email me some of your favorite apps and games for Emily?