Monday, May 17, 2010

'The Best Friend'

So, I had originally told you several posts ago that Eli's best friend was 'Mr. Shower Curtain'. Well, he has officially been replaced by Mr. Quackers. Mr. Quackers was a ducky that Eli received for Easter. It was decoration in his room for a little while. Then, one day I brought Mr. Quackers out and about for Eli to touch as he layed on his playmat. Well, somehow Mr. Quackers got moved to his changing area. (Side note: Yes, we still have a pack n' play in our living area. Eli has taken to this changing table like he has his swing. Literally, this has become a place of solitude, serenity, peace, and play. There are times that he will be fussy and only the changing pad will calm him down. Is it an eye soar for company? Yes! Are we going to keep it in here for the sake of Eli? Yes!') So, Mr. Quackers soon became company for Eli during his changings. Slowly Mr. Quackers has taken on best friend status. Our nanny started 'Ducky Time'...which soon evolved into 'Quack Attack'. Now, he provides Eli constant company. Eli will lay in the changing area and just stare and stare at Mr. Quackers. Mr. Quakers will talk to Eli, and Eli will talk back. Eli will even show off for Mr. Quackers by kicking and doing all sorts of things. It is so cute to watch, so just had to snap some pictures. Here are the two bff's.

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