Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 months old and back in the grind

I know...I know. I am way behind! Although, that has become my new motto in everything I do. Now that I am back at work, sigh....I feel like I don't have time to do anything. But, I did take a few minutes to change the blog's like? Well, I have officially been back at work now, for one week. Really? Is that it? Feels like an eternity. It is a weird dynamic to say the least. Keith and I selected an AWESOME nanny named Lindsey. She comes to the house Tues-Thurs. every week to watch over Eli. On the one hand, I am thrilled that he is getting the personal care, attention, and affection. However, it hurts me to know that I am not the one that is giving it to him. I would be lying if I didn't say that I was jealous of Lindsey in every way. I sit in my office and enviously listen on from aAdd Image distance at all of their activities and play time. But, Lindsey is great with him. She reads to him, sings him songs, dances with him, and takes care of all of his needs. I have to admit, though...that maternity leave feels like this far distant land that seemed to exist in another dimension. It is bizarre how quickly you find yourself back in the 'groove/grind' of work.

Eli officially turned 3 months old last week! Crazy, huh? It is
weird how old he feels. I think a great deal of that is on account of all of the recent babies that have been born. I have two friends that each have had a little girl within the last 2 weeks. So, these little sweeties have made Eli seem like an adult. ha ha! Seriously, he is so big and so 'with it'. He holds up his head, watches people walk around the room, hits toys, smiles all the time, and 'talks' with a ton of different sounds and noises. As far as laughing? He and I both know he is laughing, but it is not exactly in the form of a 'chuckle'. Mostly, shrieks of air. :) He is, also, officially on a 'schedule' now, which he seems to be enjoying. He has a bedtime of 8:30-9:30...although, he has been known to push it to 10. Nights are still going well for him. Me? Not so much. I have been more tired in the last week than all of maternity leave. It is hard to be up in the night checking on him, and expected to work a full day right after.
Add ImageAdd Image

Since my last update, we have also had mother's days...or 'mommy-Eli day', as I like to call it. My 1st official mother's day. It was a neat day for me, because I realized it is not about 'me' much as it is about Eli. It was the joy of knowing that I am his mom. It was more of a celebration of him, and knowing that he is in my life. Growing up, you always assume that it is all about spoiling and treating your mom (which, it is that too....I Love you Mom!). But, now I know, it is being a mom, that is the actual gift. What did we do? Well, Eli was so perceptive to me having a hard time readjusting to work, so, he had an unbelievable bouquet of flowers sent to the house. Then, on Sunday Keith got me a bouquet of flowers, as well. :) Very special and sweet. On top of that, we went to eat at Del Friscos with my mom. This was our first official 'nice meal out' with Eli...and it went great! He didn't go to sleep (like I had been hoping), but he looked around and was just interested in the people and things. FYI, our lunch was fantastic! Also, my mom got me a gift, which I thought was sweet. I got a cupcake charm for my Pandora bracelet. She also got Eli and I a 'Sunday School Songs' cd, because I made a comment on how few songs I knew compared to her.

Well, that is about it for right now. Eli's next appointment is in June. Also, I am now doing what I can to help take off some of this baby weight. :( It seemed to melt away initially, however, I don't think my new habit of 'dessert after every meal' has helped my situation. So, I have, in fact, gained weight back that I lost after delivery...bummer! Therefore, Keith and I are looking into an elliptical investment. I just have to make sure I set aside the time to actually use it. I am amazed at how few hours we have in the day now....with work...and the new bedtime.

The pictures? Top left, is Eli's first bubble bath (yes, wearing the waterproof diapers!) Although, we can go diaper less now, with no accidents! Right picture: Eli flashing those pretty blues at me in his car seat. Middle left: my beautiful bouquet for Mother's day. Bottom right: Eli taking a nap like a 'man', with his hand above his head.

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