Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rock n' Rollin

Man, when it rains it least for milestones, anyway. This has been a very busy week for our little man. Not only is he officially in 'crawl mode', but he just had his top two teeth break the surface, as well! I have to admit that Eli still seems to prefer standing and side stepping over crawling. However, he certainly knows that if he wants to get to something that hands and knees are the most effective way to get there. So, with that being said...Keith and I are both sitting inside a gated 'couch area' right now. As Eli made a b-line for the entertainment center this morning, I made the same b-line for my computer and Craig's list. An hour we sit. Oh, I failed to mention that Eli is napping...but that won't stop us from enjoying it.

As for the teeth? Well, they are here. So, our little guy now has four teefers. I am so excited, because now we can continue to broaden his food horizons. Eli is an unbelievably independent baby, and prefers to do things himself. So, now that he can chew more foods I think he will be a happy little guy.

I think that is it for the major stuff that happened this week. But, just to make note of it, he is doing that little 'baby bouncing dance' thing. You know when they stand there and bounce up and down. Don't really know why, because it isn't to music or anything. But, he is doing it. He is also shaking his head 'no'....a lot. Well, that is it in the land of baby-g. I will be sure to update everyone on Eli's first Thanksgiving and the whirl-wind travel day that goes along with it.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and enjoy the feasts! Keith and I are very thankful this year for our little blessing, wonderful family, great jobs, roof over our head, and ...of course, eachother.

Here are some pictures from a little outing this weekend.


KRiSTiN said...

He's getting so big so fast!

Jemison Family said...

He's going to be driving in no time :)