Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby Brain

Really just needed to send out a 'shout out'! Ok, not really recognizing anyone, but 'shouting out' to my 'baby brain'. While, some might think this implies that I am scattered brained, forgetful, and clumsy...that is not what I mean. However, for the record, I am ALL of those things, as of lately. But, my definition of 'baby brain' that I am 100% obsessed with baby stuff and Eli!

I can't get enough of it.... I can't fill enough hours of my day with it....I am in love with baby stuff...I am in LOVE with Eli! I don't know if this is part of the 'nesting' phase, but I have not obsessively begun organizing, washing, reorganizing, washing, reoganizing his things yet. Also, I am not cleaning the grout in my kitchen with a toothbrush, yet (yes...I have heard preggos get crazy while nesting).

Maybe my big 3-0 milestone has kicked me up into a 'higher gear of readiness...or craziness'. I am so excited to see his little face, hands, and feet. I can't wait to talk to him (all the time)...and be his crazy/wacky mommy who makes stupid jokes and stupid faces at him. (Yes, anticipate me being over the top). And with this excitement, I would love to spend every waking minute in his room just 'taking it all in'.

As part of my job, I spend a day or two around the major holidays 'surveying' grocery stores. (This allows us to see what kind of execution we are getting for Sam Adams displays.) So, yesterday I spent my entire day 'in and out' of grocery stores around Dallas. And, yes, I was their to check the beer. But, just simply walking past the baby isle gave me this since of euphoria. I would glance down the isle, in passing, to admire the formula, diapers, toys, and bottles....Weird...I know!

I have found one way to supplement this obsession....Craig's List! It started out as a fairly simple search, and has escalated into an addiction. It started with the desire to find a Bumbo (because I could not justify myself/or anyone else paying full retail for it.) Slowly, this has become a hobby(problem) of mine. It is too much fun to select the 'baby' section on the Craigs List homepage and 'take it all in'. I am finding unbelievable deals, though, and slowing picking away at registry items. However, I don't feel too bad, because we still need so much stuff. But, I just need to be patient and wait until it gets closer to February to starting rounding out our list of 'must haves'. In the mean time, I will continue to click on ads and admire pictures.

So, that is ' of late' (eventhough, I just posted the other day). I just felt the need to share, for anyone else that may be going through this right now, or perhaps has in the past. Or, perhaps, you might think that I am crazy...but could have thought that for a long time now, and this just helps you further with your conclusion. :) Just wanted to pass it along...cause frankly it is hard not too, when that is all that occupies my brain.


KRiSTiN said...

craigslist is spectacular. i wish i'd known you needed a bumbo. i still have Carter's and he only used 3 times. it practically brand new. i'd have just given it to you. :)

after your little one is born, baby brain becomes baby LIFE. you will never make a decision the same way again. from where you eat to the clothes you wear (some sweaters are scratchy against baby faces), it's all about the kiddo. :)

Terra said...

It doesn't change when they grow out of the baby phase either. They get older, and suddenly you look in every toy store for that one "Cars" character that is hard to find. Or you plan a whole evening around watching "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" so you can see his reaction to it for the first time! I think each new stage of life is more exciting than the previous one, though at first you will find yourself just marveling at your sleeping baby. Enjoy your last couple of months...see LOTS of movies (and bring your own pillow!), do lots of date nights, and be prepared for your baby brain to turn into mush every now and then.... "did I take a shower this week???" MERRY CHRISTMAS!!