Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Picture update!

Ok, so I had planned to update my last blog post with some recent pictures. However, I never did it...duh! Also, for the record....yes, I do know there is a '1' lingering in my blog background. While I am something of perfectionist in the form of art...I'm gonna let this one go, because it is hard to fix. I apologize if it is a distraction. Remedy? Look at the precious pictures of my sweet baby boy to cope.....
Here is lil' man on the way to his new 'school'...lookin' so precious!
Love this! This is Eli's 'car toy'...that actually makes cars drive round and round. However, he prefers to sit in it like his personal throne. I suppose I should look at this as a positive sign for potty training?
Here is Eli 'getting into' the tubberware cabinet. After an accidental mixing bowl break, he is now into the less expensive cabinet. He loves to stack and un-stack all of the dishes. Very meticulous, this one. ;)
Lastly, a picture that Keith took of lil' man 'brushing his teeth'. Yes, he has 8 teeth...and LOVES brushing them!!

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