Monday, February 28, 2011

A Year of Eli!

Ok so, I have given myself the impossible task of picking pictures of my favorite person in the whole world, over an entire year! Yes...impossible. Not to mention, I think I collected thousands of pictures in just the first month. Between Keith's awesome camera and the invention of the Iphone, Eli's life is more documented than he could possibly ever imagine. However, if you are reading this post, then clearly I have succeeded. Part of me seemed to think it was only natural to pick pictures from all of the milestones and and 'big events' (Easter, Christmas, ect..). However, a majority of those events received posts of their own. So, I am going to go with 12 pictures (can't fathom) that show my cute baby boy and how much he has grown in a year.

February 12, 2010 at 6:24am, my sweet baby boy entered into the world!

Eli at 1 month old

Eli at 2 months old, playing on his tummy mat

3 month old Eli out on a walk one day and looking super cute.

Eli at 4 months old, and going for his first swim.

Sweet sweet baby at 5 months old. Personally? I think this picture show the biggest change from 'little baby Eli' to 'growing up Eli'.
Looking so dapper at 6 months old.
Definitely settling into his 'look' at 7 months old.

Striking a pose as a great looking 8 month old.
9 month old Eli starting to work his smile more.
One very happy baby at 10 months old flashing a great big tooth filled grin.
Eli at 11 months old, anticipating the big '1 year mark'...very serious. Who would guess?
February 12, 2011. Eli celebrating his 'FIRST' birthday. Man, this kid makes 1 look so good.

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