Sunday, January 16, 2011

Catching Up and Crazy Times!

OMG, 'Whirlwind' is the best description for the last week or so. Unfortunately this is an update on the world surrounding Eli which is crazy, in addition to an update on Eli himself. However, he has made SO MANY advancements in just the last few weeks, it is insane. He is such a big little boy now.

Ok, so world surrounding Eli? Well, I will just say that I was in New Orleans the first week of January and returned home on a Friday. I helped host a great baby shower for one of my best friends (Mary) at my house Saturday afternoon, and then was in the emergency room with my mom (who broke her wrist) Saturday night. I returned home Saturday night to pack my suitcase for a flight to Boston the next day, only to wake up and find out my flight had been canceled. I did manage to get on an earlier flight out, just before the storm hit. While in Boston, my mom couldn't watch Eli (with her wrist), the nanny called in sick, and well...of course I am in Boston and helpless! So, we had to recruit our other 'nanny' (Keith's step mom Susan), who watched him for three days and nights straight. Then, I get snowed in one extra day to Boston and arrive back home on Thursday and discover that mom needs surgery next week. So, now we get to play the shuffle with surgery, recovery, work, and Eli this week...going to be an interesting time. Oh, yeah...and we are also letting go of our current nanny and starting with a new nanny, this week, too...could we try and complicate things anymore?

Ok, deep breaths....deep breaths. Now you are all caught up. And onto Eli!! YAY!

Well, he had his first experience with snow, yay! Ok, actually it is his second, because he was born during a snow storm last year. But, this was the first snow he got to interact with. And as far as he was concerned there was way too much interaction between him and the actual snow. Unfortunately for me, I was not there (in Boston). But, Keith dressed him up and took him out. In a nutshell, Eli hated are the pictures.
Growing up? In just the last few weeks Eli has grown so much. Both physically and developmentally. He was growing out of his 9 months clothes just a few ago and now growing out of his 12 month clothes. Other big things that he is doing? Well, he totally stands on his own now, but only until he realizes it and sits down. He is continuing to walk around a lot, but only if he is holding onto something. I can't wait for his first steps, I feel like they are so close. He is also copying us on so much that we do (sounds, motions, everything). He has also totally mastered his bottle and sippy cups. He isn't just holding them, but he now grabs them, throws his head back, and guzzles. Last big mention would be his new sounds too. He is slowly working himself through the alphabet now. He loves to whisper 'tuh, tuh, tuh'. Don't ask me why he doesn't go full vocal, but he prefers to whisper his 't' sound. It is so amazing to watch all of his advancements. He is just so amazing to watch and interact with, I couldn't be happier with what a wonderful little boy he is becoming.

Here are some new pictures. :)

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