Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Close Call!

So, today is February 9th... Happy Anniversary, honey! Yes, today marks the 2 year anniversary of Keith and I's married life. Ironically, it also marks the 8 year anniversary of our time together. By pure coincidence, Keith and I got married on the same day as our first date, 6 years prior.

Needless to say, I was excited about today. Partly because we get to celebrate our anniversary, and partly because it was another weekly appointment! I know it sounds cheesy, but I am starting to look forward to these like I look forward to my birthday. I was very anxious to hear about my progress and see if Eli was appearing to bump up his scheduled arrival.

It was like any other day walking into the office. However, when I got 'called back'...the reality hit that I won't be getting 'called back' for many more appointments. I am nearing the end of my pregnancy journey. Very truly, my 9 months is almost over. It was almost like I should have had a moment with the nurse, or done an arts and crafts project for them to remember me by. Although, I think Eli's baby picture will probably work a little bit better.

So, it was actually a pretty eventful appointment! That is because last night I thought that my water possibly ruptured! Yep..surprise!! (well, it didn't...but it could have!). I stood up at one point during our 'Dexter' episode and felt a small 'trickle' down my leg. Nothing major, so I didn't freak out, because I knew I had my appointment this morning. The 'trickle'...while extremely small, somewhat continued into the morning. I told this to my midwife, and she was starting to question if it was 'go time'.

She prepped me for the exam, and all signs were starting to point to Keith and I sharing our February 9th anniversary with Eli's birthday! Without getting into a lot of the graphic details, there were things going on with my body that were starting to suggest that Eli could be coming. However, with further investigation (and a painful exam), it was found 'not to be the case'. Don't get me wrong...I am still making excellent progress. Eli is crazy low in my pelvis...even lower from last week. Also, she said that my cervix 'is right there' (and it sounded like a good thing?). However, I am a few items short on the 'labor checklist'. So, it looks like our little guy is going to be hanging out for a little bit longer before his big debut.

It is kind of funny, what a 'close call' I had this morning. Just to know there was a moment in my mind when I was mentally preparing to make 'the call' to Keith and start the preparations to go to the hospital...pretty crazy stuff! It reminds me of my college internship. I had the unbelievable experience of working at a summer internship between my Junior and Senior year. Man, I loved every minute of the experience and wouldn't take it back for the world. But, I can honestly admit that the 'temporary 9 to 5 work world' certainly gave me a great appreciation for my last year at school. So, even if Eli is only giving us a few hours or a few weeks, you can bet that Keith and I will be sure to appreciate it. :)

Footnote: Just have to throw this in. During my very painful 'exam', I had no problem expressing my discomfort. And half way through I said, "yep, yep...I will probably be getting an epidural". Like I have said before....if I am pain...bring on the meds! So, if I can tolerate it...then I will. However, if I can't I am all down for plan B. Just wanted to give you the heads up...because it looks like the distance between point A and point B just got a lot shorter.

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