Thursday, February 4, 2010

Any day now...the end is near!

I feel like I should be in the center of Time Square with a big obnoxious card board sign that says "the end is near!" What is crazy to think, is that despite all of my sarcasm and over reactionary mind set, the above statement is true. Well, assuming that you see 2 weeks left (out of 40) as 'near'....I know I do!

Quite literally, I feel like it is the most exciting time to be alive! Everyday I wake up or go somewhere it is an adventure. I think 'is today the day?'...."is my water going to break in the middle of lunch or a business meeting?". I have to admit that I LOVE surprises. So, despite the fact that we found out the sex of little Eli (which we hope stays true), the idea of 'not knowing' when he is going to come, has certainly given me the rush of adrenaline and surprise-fulfillment I am looking for. The only way I can describe going to sleep and not knowing if tomorrow will be Christmas morning. Just imagine how exciting that would be!?! I really just can't imagine anything else similar.

Additionally, I have to give credit to this 'not knowing' element to my sense of calm before the storm. I suppose I am so caught up in the excitement of all of this, that I haven't given myself a chance to freak out lately. I have a feeling if I was using a 'count down clock' to a particular day, I might be a little bit more anxious as I approached the big day. Therefore, I am guessing the closer I actually get to Feb. 21st with 'no Eli' anxiety might start to increase (just an fyi). I have also had a bunch of people ask if I am 'nervous' or 'scared', and I suppose I am just so much more excited. I feel like the 3rd string quarter back that is just sitting there saying 'put me in the game coach!' I can't wait to give this whole thing a shot. I have heard so much about how your baby 'tells you' what he wants, likes, doesn't like, ect. So...let's get on with it. I want Eli to come out and start bossing me around so I can figure out if I need to pack up our obnoxiously large swing...or install a trapeze system for my lil' monkey.

As far as my 'level of comfort', I'm doing good. I would be lying if I didn't say that things have gotten more uncomfortable for me, but nothing that I can not handle. I am into a full out 'waddle' now-a-days, as the feeling of a bowling ball hangs heavy in my belly. Also, it is more difficult to move my legs up in down (think of putting your pants on in the morning). Additionally, my 'restroom breaks' have increased a great deal...if that was every possible (which means even less sleep through the night). Outside of that, life is good. I have been extra super sweet to Winston, Dottie, and Lucy, as their days as 'only children' come to an end (makes me sad thinking about it). And, I continue to complete little 'pre-Eli' tasks around the house in preperation.

I had an appointment on Tuesday (as I will have one every Tuesday until Eli arrives). As for my progress, it goes like this: 1-2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. Also, the really cool part!?! My midwife could feel his head when she did the check! So cool! I have to be honest when I say that I felt 'proud of myself' at this news. This funny since of 'competitiveness' kicks in (ok, probably only me) you approach these appointments. You want to feel like you are progressing. So, as I get news of Eli dropping or being dilated I feel like I want to give myself a pat on the back. Of course, this in NO WAY actually indicates anything for delivery or labor, so I can't let it go to my head. I could be dilated to 3 cm, and still have a March 3rd baby...or be totally effaced, and still require a c-section. So, these 'checks' don't have a whole lot of indication towards the future...but it is still good.

Game day stuff. So, as you know Eli is going to come, when he is good and ready (no scheduled induction). But, when that time does come Keith and I are pretty ready with our bags packed and route to the hospital planned out. I will call my midwife when in labor, and she will show up when I am at 5cm and stay with me until Eli arrives. The hospital we are delivering at is Allen Presbyterian. And, if you want the 'play by play' action, I recommend becoming friends with Keith on Facebook. Of course, phone calls and text messages will be sent, but I see Facebook providing most of the 'game day' action.

Also, as I mentioned before, I am prepared for 1 of 3 things to happen. A) a 'natural' delivery without the use of drugs (if I can tolerate the pain...why not). B) a 'natural' delivery with the use of drugs (if I am in pain...bring on the epidural!). C) a c-section with the use of drugs. Please keep in mind, that neither option is better or worse than the other...just different. I won't be upset with the delivery as long as Eli is brought into this world as safely as possible. So, don't think that any option is a bad one.

Well, that is what I have got for now. I guess we will see if my next appointment has a birth annoucement in it, or more 'pregnancy updates'.

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